Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson Interview – The Adventures of Tintin

Director Steven Spielberg teamed up with long-time Tintin fan Peter Jackson to bring HergĂ©’s popular characters to life on the big screen in a motion capture film, The Adventures of Tintin. Spielberg’s interest in Herge’s work stems from a reporter’s comparison of his first Indiana Jones film to the character, a reference Spielberg then investigated. That reporter’s comment led to Spielberg reading

Herge’s works and eventually, after many years in development, making a Tintin movie. But why do one using performance capture technology?

Peter Jackson offered this explanation: “[…] Motion capture is a tool and technique, and what we tried to do was to really use both motion capture and traditional animation to build a system by which…you know, Steven and I are much more adept to live-action filmmaking. I mean, we can’t use computers – either of us. I can hardly send e-mail. But, we wanted to be able to walk into this sort of virtual world that we created with Tintin, with the characters, with the locations that had been built with the computer, to pick up a virtual camera and shoot a live-action movie inside this strange, hybrid, photo-real world. It wasn’t the photo-real world that was important, it was the way in which we could shoot a movie inside that world that we think the result is really interesting.”