Chris Pine Interview- Star Trek Into Darkness at CinemaCon

Chris Pine joined his Star Trek Into Darkness co-stars John Cho, Zachary Quinto and Alice Eve as well as writer Damon Lindelof at the 2013 CinemaCon in Vegas to talk about the much anticipated sequel. Pine was also on hand to accept the Male Star of the Year award from the National Association of Theatre Owners who selected the actor for his work in Star Trek Into Darkness and Jack Ryan – both coming to theaters this year. “Chris Pine has emerged as one of Hollywood’s hottest and most accomplished young actors and CinemaCon is thrilled to honor him as its 2013 ‘Male Star of the Year,'” said CinemaCon’s Managing Director Mitch Neuhauser.


accepting the award, Pine discussed with us what we can expect from the new Star Trek film. Pine’s been saying this Kirk is different from the first time he played the character, and I asked him to explain what that difference is:

“Well in the first one, you know he was a kid,” offered Pine. “I think he got the captain’s chair because of the circumstance and not necessarily because he earned it – it just happened to go that way. And in the second, in this one, he has to earn the chair. And in earning the chair, he has to come to grips with his strengths and his weaknesses, and his weaknesses become very, very apparent. They become reflected back at him with our bad guy, John Harrison, who is this really kind of awful terrorist in that he’s violent physically but also he’s a powerful psychological warrior and is able to bring Kirk to his knees. All the things that I think James Kirk thought were his strengths become flipped. He doesn’t know what to make of himself, and I think that’s a strange

thing for Jim Kirk who’s usually very obstinate. He’s a stubborn, headstrong, confident, arrogant man. I think in this it’s just that he sees all the vulnerability in his own character.”

And speaking of John Harrison, Pine had nothing but praise for the actor who plays him – Benedict Cumberbatch. “Benedict is a tremendous actor. I think what’s interesting between us is that his character…he brings a scalpel-like precision to his character. He’s very cold and clinical; he’s almost this robot of destruction. And Kirk is this kind of passionate, bullish…he’s like a bull in a china shop. So to see these two characters together, this man that doesn’t have to show his strength – John Harrison – and then you have Kirk who again is trying to overcome this sense of vulnerability by trying to prove himself, I think it’s very, very interesting. Benedict, he’s just got a tremendous craft. I mean, his voice alone I wish could narrate my life.”

Pine also talked about director JJ Abramss approach to helming action films. “That’s what JJ has done so well with Star Trek, he realizes the importance of the visual spectacle but his real passion, his real strength, ultimately is the story and creating an emotional world that you as the audience can dive into so that when the proverbial stuff hits the fan you are invested in it – you care about these people,” said Pine. “And I think that ultimately we’ve been doing that since the caveman days. You just want to hear a good story that wraps you up.”