Adrien Brody, David Hewlett – Splice Interviews

Adrien Brody – ‘Clive Nicoli’ in Splice

I’ve seen it and it’s like the riskiest movie this year. Is that what attracted you to it?

Adrien Brody: “Yes. I’m attracted to unpredictable movies and roles. You know, this is a…I think it’s a fantastic film. I think it pushes a lot of boundaries. It’s twisted but it’s also really fun.”


Adrien Brody: “Yeah, I think it’s really fun. I laugh a lot in this film, actually. The absurd level of the predicament that these characters find themselves in and it’s funny. It’s the privilege of sitting back in the audience and watch people walk off a bridge when you know it’s a fictional story. You’re there along the road and you are watching things go where they really shouldn’t go, and that’s really fun.”

Did you stick exactly to Vincenzo Natali’s script?

Adrien Brody: “Pretty much. This is a labor of love of the director’s. This was crafted for many years. It’s taken him just about 10 years from start to finish to get this here, with very little money. It’s remarkable. I’m very happy for him and for everybody that worked so hard on it.”

Working opposite Delphine Chaneac, she’s gorgeous in the character. What was that like?

Adrien Brody: “Well, I attribute the reason the film works and the reason Dren works as a compelling character with subtlety and the tragic elements come from her performance. And so in interacting with an actor that’s very present and delivers a very nuanced interpretation is a big gift as opposed to trying to fabricate all of that in a green room, if you were to do this all with computer generated technology. And so that’s the beauty of having actors even if you’re creating somewhat of a futuristic realm.”

Last question: Predators, is it just going to totally kick ass?

Adrien Brody: “I can’t wait. That’s such a big deal for me. I’m very excited.”

Were you a Predator fan?

Adrien Brody: “I am a Predators fan. I saw that in the theaters – I saw Predator in a theater as a kid with my buddies. It’s a dream come true.”

David Hewlett- ‘William’ in Splice

Tell me about working on this.

David Hewlett: “Fun, as always. I’ve worked with Vincenzo since I was 14. I think I’ve done pretty much every film he’s done now. It was just a fun sort of insane journey.”

He takes more risks than any movie we’ve seen in so long.

David Hewlett: “Well this is it, I think what I love about Vincenzo’s stuff is that he’s pushing the envelope, you know? He’s taking the sort of European feel and then shoving it into a Hollywood movie. And I think that’s what’s so exciting about it. As a film nerd, it’s the kind of stuff I want to see – as disturbing as it might be.”

What do you think audiences are going to walk away thinking?

David Hewlett: “Very disturbed thoughts is my thought. Hopefully a few nightmares. And probably, ‘Hire that guy David.'”