Adrianne Palicki on G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Playing Lady Jaye

Adrianne Palicki’s no stranger to action roles having tackled the remake of Red Dawn, Legion, and a brief stint as Wonder Woman in the series that never got off the ground. And now in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Palicki tackles the role of Lady Jaye and gets to once again get into the action.

Paramount’s releasing G.I. Joe: Retaliation on March 29, 2013 and as we lead up to the film’s release, Palicki talked

about her role in one of the studio’s big 2013 releases:

On the training process:
Adrianne Palicki: “I trained for about a month in advance once I found out I got the movie in LA with my trainer, and then went from there to New Orleans. It was about a month and a half straight of 8-hour-a-day training, which included actually training with real Navy SEALS. They taught us how to use the weapons, how to walk correctly, lots of drills, and then we had stunt training. We had choreography for all the fight sequences. We had actual physical training. We had unit training where we actually work together as a unit to clear a room and a function.”

On playing a woman in the world of G.I. Joe:
Adrianne Palicki: “Well, the cool thing about Lady Jaye is that she’s not a girl, you know what I mean? She’s a woman. She’s a strong woman and because of her past she’s been forced to really like step it up and keep proving that she belongs there with the boys. Actually, I think on some levels she’s actually better

than the guys. I think they’d agree. But, yeah, no. It was just really cool to get to play her and eventually, I mean, all these guys became like my brothers. You’re out there in the middle of nowhere shooting with these guys. You’re smelling things, you’re hearing things, they’re talking about things that you can’t repeat and you’re like, ‘All right. I’m one of you guys now.”

On balancing all aspects of Lady Jaye:
Adrianne Palicki: “Well, it was fun to actually get to play a character. She wasn’t really sexualized before the red dress in a lot of ways. I mean, she was in fatigues. She was in ponytails and boy T-shirts and boy jeans. She was just down-to-earth and not caring about her appearance so much. So, by the time it rolled around being covered in sweat and dirt for so many months, it was kind of exciting to throw on a pair of heels and like look pretty for a day. You know what I mean? But that’s kind of the best part about her. She can turn it on. It’s part of her job. It’s like if she has the assets, she’s going to use them in the right ways.”

On working with Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson:
Adrianne Palicki: “They both also just like to have fun. They’re both goofballs. They take it seriously to an extent. They don’t take themselves seriously, which is a big difference, and that’s kind of fun to work with both of them in that capacity.”

On being able to do improvisation on the set:
Adrianne Palicki: “Yeah, it was really cool that he really wanted us to work on the personal relationships beforehand, because he’s like, ‘On the day, there’s going to be this explosion happening, there’s going to be this happening, and I just want to make sure that we already have this kind of in place – you guys’ relationships so we don’t have to work on it on the day.’ It helped bond us off-screen so I think that shows on-screen, too.”

On not focusing on her character’s budding romantic relationship with Flint:
Adrianne Palicki: “That was Jon [M. Chu, the director] and I’m so glad that he did it in such a tasteful way. He didn’t want to make it this huge thing because it would be so weird for this like, ‘Oh, we’re going to go save the world but hold on, let’s make out first.’ […] I think just touching on it a little bit and just leaving it lingering, you know, the beginnings of something was a little bit sexier and more realistic.”